What is the noise at BBC election debate tonight? Rishi and Keir drowned out

Nottingham protestors have almost drowned out Rishi Sunak and Keir Starmer as the two leaders went head-to-head in the city for the last general election TV debate. Hosted by the BBC, moderator Mishal Husain had to address the noise heard outside the debate venue by saying: “If anyone can hear noise, there is a protest taking place outside, which is also an aspect of our democracy.”

A small group of protestors calling out the humanitarian crisis in Gaza began gathering outside Nottingham Trent University’s Arkwright Building at around 4pm on Wednesday (June 26). The numbers then swelled as the clock ticked down to the beginning of the debate at 8.15pm.

The Nottingham Solidarity Group posted a picture on X showing the protestors lining almost the entirety of the Goldsmith Street entrance to the Newton Building. The protestors are gathered just yards away from where Sir Keir and Mr Sunak are debating each other.

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