Mum’s heartfelt tribute to ‘caring’ son who died in motorcycle crash on A1 near Colsterworth

The mum of a 21-year-old who died in a motorcycle crash has paid tribute to her “sensible, caring and loving” son. Daniel Scott, from the Durham area, was travelling down the A1 at Colsterworth on his motorcycle when he left the main road and collided with one of the petrol pumps at a BP garage.

Emergency services rushed to the incident, which took place on June 24, but Daniel was pronounced dead at the scene. His mother, Amanda Scott, said she felt the “world was crumbling around me” when she received the call from police.

In a tribute to her son, she said: “Daniel was a sensible, caring and loving young man with his whole life ahead of him. He was often quiet, particularly around those he didn’t know – but this hid an explosive personality and an insatiable passion for life.

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“He was a qualified deep-sea diver and a train enthusiast, who skydived out of planes in his spare time and had an eye for property. Some might say he was a little unusual, but he was such a happy person – from a young age he always had a smile on his face and was loved by those who got to know him.

“And he was a sensible young man too. Daniel had a 10-year plan with his girlfriend and had hoped to become a father of two – a boy and a girl – once he had a steady income to support them and give them a happy life.

“He was sensible and never a bother. He was just good. A good person trying to live a good life. Daniel took nothing for granted and was in training with the prison service to help make his dreams come true.

“He wasn’t a jack the lad type, he didn’t hang around the streets getting into trouble and spent his free time pursuing his hobbies and enjoying nature. He loved the beach and used to walk up and down the coast with his grandparents, fish and chips in hand.

Daniel Scott
Daniel Scott

“Daniel was determined to build a life of happiness with his girlfriend. A life tragically cut short. In the moments before I found out what happened to Daniel, when police officers asked me if I had a son by his name, my heart stopped. And when they told me I felt as though my whole world was crumbling around me. I screamed. It’s indescribable.

“I never thought I would lose my child so young, leaving behind a young brother and sister. He was a rock to them and will be sorely missed by all of us. His death has hit our family so hard.

“It’s left a huge hole in my life and to all the parents and young adults reading this, I’d just like say you never know what’s going to happen. You think ‘something like this will never happen to me’, but you never know what’s around the corner.

“This can happen to anyone, so be safe, think before you act and be vigilant. While I know my words won’t stop more tragic road deaths from happening, I hope they will make people think as they take to the road. Anything can happen.”

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